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Best 50 Funny SEO Memes from SEO Specialist - 2024

Google says EEAT - SEO memes

Hi, My name is Shahid Anwar, co-founder of Digital Marketing Memes. I am 24 Years old, SEO Specialist / Digital Marketer turned into a Memer. If you're into SEO, you'll understand, I am trying to fulfill E-EAT criteria for Google. Haha!

Anyways, Welcome to the "SEO Meme" blog, where we're diving into the funny side of digital marketing! Get ready for a chuckle as we explore the world of funny SEO memes.

In this space, we've gathered a bunch of hilarious visuals that show the ups and downs of SEO. Whether you're a pro or just curious about SEO, our blog is here to make you smile and maybe even learn something new.

So, let's have some fun and take a look at these SEO meme gems. Get ready for a good laugh and some SEO insights along the way. Let's jump in together!

1. Yet, the Developer didn't turn back to me saying, Core Web Vitals is fixed.

It's been 84 years - SEO Memes

2. Now! He is out of a coma and needs a treat as well.

Deep coma meme - SEO Memes

3. Now my friend has been saying, that SEO is the best marketing channel.

Dangerous little doge - SEO Memes

4. That Intern is now dreaming about backlinks.

Crying Peter Parker - SEO Memes

5. He's still waiting, it has been years now!

Sad Pablo Escobar - Funny SEO Memes

6. Every SEO fresher does this and falls 4 steps back.

skipping stairs - SEO Memes

7. The client still needs more Excel, PPT, and Docs to understand.

Angry person explaining - SEO Memes

8. SEO beginner is like, I was just ranking in the top 3, a week ago, and after an algorithm update couldn't find my page in SERP.

Disappointed Pakistani cricket fan - Funny SEO Memes

9. From Keyword Research to Speed Optimization everything is figured out and aligned.

breaking bad experiment meme - SEO Memes

10. Not sure, how many clients' web pages are buried in 2nd page.

Laughing Leonardo DiCaprio - SEO Memes

11. Which side are you Barbie or Oppenheimer?

Barbie vs Oppenheimer - Funny SEO Memes

12. Mobile Device users are like, why the content is floating here and there, how should I apply for a loan here?

Zuck Staring through window - SEO Memes

13. SEO Professional cries in the night and thinks should change career to PPC.

Balloon burst meme - SEO Memes

14. Not sure, if the client can handle this much pain.

I'll read to hear the truth - SEO Memes

15. No Idea what Dolphin said neither SEO Algorithms.

Orca Talking Into A Microphone - SEO Memes

16. I thought to eat Muesli for breakfast until, the Google Algorithm update

Family man meme - SEO Meme

17. The agency tries to gain success overnight.

Disloyal boyfriend - Funny SEO Memes

18. I hope they understand, what I do now.

Angry man explaining SEO t his family - SEO Meme

19. On that day, a miracle happened, and I started blogging.

Vince McMahon reaction in WWE - SEO Memes

20. I can finally call myself, SEO EXPORT.

I never thought I'd get this far - Plankton - Funny SEO Memes

21. Hahaha! Next joke, please.

Laughing Tom Cruise on clients joke - SEO Memes

22. I am E-eating the whole day now!

Workoholic kid - SEO Memes

23. Hours of hard work went to vain, then Ads popped out - "Hire an SEO Specialist" and you click on that Link.

1990s Problem - SEO Memes

24. Semrush Fans Assemble.

Captain America elevator fight dad joke - Funny SEO Memes

25. They created links through spammy websites and now paying to disavow them.

Crying Michael Jordan - SEO Memes

26. Then, that page shifted to 4th position and I'm not crying.

Crying Rick - SEO Memes

27. That's how you check ranking for a particular keyword.

Drake - Funny SEO Memes

28. He couldn't say it again - PPC is better than SEO.

Hospital man kills son over joke on SEO - Funny SEO Memes

29. This is how long-term organic traffic is generated from Google.

Drake PPC Vs SEO - SEO Memes

30. Search Engines and Users trying to figure out what is the content all about.

Famous internet grandma looks into Heading tags - SEO Memes

31. I hope, they have got an answer as of now.

Disaster girl - Funny SEO Memes

32. As everyone says SEO takes time.

Skeleton waiting for the SEO efforts to finally pays off - SEO Memes

33. Then, I'll not let Googlebot, understand my content. It'll confuse them then they might Structure Data as a Ranking Factor. huh!

I'm not doing it meme - SEO Memes

34. What! Do I have to re-optimize the content?

SEO algorithm makes Koala surprised - SEO Memes

35. Not sure! whom to believe. Shall I continue working as an SEO or change my career to PPC until someone says PPC is dead?

Man killing himself because he's confused - SEO Memes

36. Whenever clients ask, by when the ranking will go up? and all I can say is it depends.

Captain America fights in the elevator - SEO Memes

37. You know it's all about luck and karma.

Young Michael Scott shaking Ed Truck's hand - Funny SEO Memes

38. I was happy until my manager came to know about this.

No follow link meme - SEO Memes

39. Just forgot to include Keywords, Meta Tag, Heading Tag, and Internal Linking.

Joey's delayed reaction on publishing blog without SEO - SEO Memes

40. I have become the master of my fate.

Fresh Willem Dafoe vs Lighthouse Willem Dafoe - SEO Memes

41. SEO without content seems like, we have returned to black-and-white life with the absence of color (engagement).

Content with and without SEO - SEO Memes

42. He didn't understand a single thing but I was proud to increase client ranking from the 3rd page to the 2nd page.

Leonardo & Brad Pitt clicking selfies together - SEO Memes

43. Hahah! Now he has to pay $10 to clean those backlinks as well.

Fiverr Backlink jokes - Funny SEO Memes

44. I am in the cloud 9 after getting do-follow links from the Government and Educational websites.

Borat - SEO Memes

45. I now, fully understand what is SEO, the Importance of SEO, and the Benefits of SEO.

Unlimited Power - SEO Meme

46. It seems like, he hasn't read the recent SEO updates yet.

Bart hits homer with a chair - Funny SEO Memes

47. As The Joker said, "If you are good at something never do it for free".

Free SEO Services vs when you charge people - Joker Meme - SEO Memes

48. Google didn't slap, but it has penalized the website in return.

Will Smith slaps Chris Rocks - SEO Meme

49. I can't see anything, whom to pick and whom to drop, every keyword seems similar in terms of search volume.

Sandra Bullock Blindfold - SEO Memes

50. SEO professionals have one superpower which is to every question, they can say "it depends".

Phil swifts slaps on the flex tape leak - Funny SEO Memes

Thanks for joining us on this hilarious journey through the world of funny SEO memes. We hope you had a good laugh and found some relatable moments. Remember, the laughter doesn't stop here! Keep exploring our Digital Marketing Memes for more humor and insights. See you soon!


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