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Best 50 Funny Monday Memes to Start Your Week with a Laugh

Sad Puppy beacuse it's Monday - Monday Memes

Hey! meme enthusiasts! Rise and smile, it's a brand new week full of possibilities. I know that Mondays can be a bit of a struggle, but fear not – I've got the perfect remedy to kickstart your day! Welcome to my blog, "Best 50 Funny Monday Memes to Start Your Week with a Laugh." If you need a good chuckle to tackle the Monday blues, you're in the right place. My curated collection features the most hilarious and relatable Monday memes, guaranteed to bring a glowing smile to your face. From office shenanigans to Monday morning struggles, I've got it all covered – because who said Mondays can't be fun? Join me as I navigate you through the lighter side of the start of the week. Let's turn those Monday frowns upside down with our handpicked selection of Monday memes, including funny Monday memes, Monday memes for work, Monday morning memes, and even some Monday motivation memes. Let the laughter begin!

Monday is the day that coffee becomes a mandatory survival tool, and the snooze button deserves a gold medal.

1. Me on Mondays: Waiting for the weekend like I'm waiting for my Wi-Fi to connect - with impatience and anxiety.

Man holding sand in his hand - monday morning memes

2. Breaking down the hierarchy of headaches: Migraines are like a gentle breeze, hypertension knocking a bit louder, stress making itself at home, but Monday? That's the grand finale, louder than all the headaches combined!

Types of headaches - monday motivation meme

3. Even the calendar's throwing shade on Monday and Tuesday like, 'WTF, guys?' Can we fast-forward to the weekend already?

Sleep woman pouring coffee outside the cup - motivation monday meme

4. When your alarm clock is a Monday morning ninja, sneakily attacking your sleep like...

Batman slapping Robin - funny monday memes for work

5. When Monday hits you like a crossbreed between a grumpy cat and a disappointed owl, and you're just here wondering if it's too early to start counting down to Friday!

Wierd creature - positive monday memes

6. Monday: Channeling my inner potato in the corner. Friday: Breaking out the dance moves like it's a party for one!

Squid Game Old Man - monday memes

7. When Monday sneaks up on you like a ninja with a slap instead of a hi-five. Can we get a redo on the weekend, please?

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock - monday memes

8. When it's Monday, and you're trying to rock that 'I love Mondays' smile at work, but your face is low-key filing a complaint.

Spngebob smiley back - funny monday memes

9. When it's Monday and your to-do list is longer than the weekend itself. Time to channel my inner superhero and conquer the chaos but after crying only.

Will Byers crying - monday memes for work

10. Sunday: the pre-Monday anxiety warm-up. Who else is negotiating with their alarm clock for just five more minutes of the weekend?

Squid game your next task is meme - monday morning memes

11. I'm waiting for Monday to end like I'm training for the skeleton Olympics. Is there a gold medal for surviving the workweek?

Waiting skeleton - monday motivation meme

12. When Monday sneezes, you catch the 'ugh' instead of good vibes.

Sad bulldog - motivation monday meme

13. Trying to adult on a Monday be like: 'Hello, responsibility? Can I speak to the weekend manager?

Simpson asks to repeat the part - funny monday memes for work

14. When someone asks, what day is it?

Angry duch - positive monday memes

15. Channeling my inner superhero every Monday morning, pretending I've got my life together like I'm the Tony Stark of adulting. Reality check: I'm more like Peter Parker figuring out how to adult one coffee at a time.

This is the worst day of my life meme - monday memes

16. When you blink on Friday night and suddenly it's Monday - a tragic love story between me and the weekend that ends way too soon.

Sleepy child - funny monday memes

17. When you conquer one Monday task, but your energy level is already in weekend mode. Can I get a refill on that Monday motivation, please?

I am tired meme - monday memes for work

18. Sunday's heart rate: normal. Sunday evening: Netflix-induced palpitations. Monday morning: the cardiac sprint to the coffee maker. Can we petition for a 3-day weekend, please?

Heart rate meme - monday morning memes

19. When you wake up on Monday and realize it's only the first chapter of the 'Why Can't It Be Friday Already?' saga.

Very stressed man - monday motivation meme

20. When you're the sickest superhero on the weekends but miraculously recover on Monday – just in time to watch your weekend plans float away like your unused sick day!

Disappointed Cricket Fan - monday memes for work

21. When your Monday morning alarm clock gives you that 'really, again?' look after hitting snooze for the 10th time. We're in this snooze-button relationship, okay?

Zuck Staring Through Window - funny monday memes

22. When it's 4 PM on a Sunday, and your weekend feels like it's about to get hit by a freight train called Monday!

Funny looking cat - motivation monday meme

23. Me at noon on Monday telling everyone it's been a long week, as if the last two hours of work didn't feel like an entire Netflix series marathon. Time flies when you're avoiding responsibilities like a pro!

Owl with a cigarette - funny monday memes for work

24. Clocking in on Monday like, should've taken that 'burn it down' advice on Friday. Hahaha

Michael scott wants to burn down the office - positive monday memes

25. I should have slept on Sunday instead of binging web series and finishing fridge foods.

Sleeping man with eyes drawn on his face - monday memes

26. No Good Morning, Please! I have had enough of corporate shit.

A man with a gun - funny monday memes

27. Monday morning emails hitting me like a wrecking ball, and I'm just here questioning my life choices like, 'Is it too late to become a professional napper?

I'm dead inside - monday memes for work

28. Monday hitting me so hard, that I'm out here trying to CTRL + ALT + DELETE my way to Friday!

A old man looking sad - monday morning memes

29. When Monday gives you that look, you're just one punch away from turning it into a 3-day weekend.

An angry Robot - monday motivation meme

30. When you realize it's Monday, the scariest part is that it's only the beginning of the week.

Wierd green creatures - motivation monday meme

31. Just found out every day is a gift... anyone know the return policy for Mondays? Asking for a friend who wants a refund on adulting!

Old man wants to return something - monday memes

32. When Sunday scatters your weekend dreams, and Monday hits you like a freight train... Can we please squeeze in a chill day in between? Asking for my sanity.

Skeleon waiting on the bench - funny monday memes

33. Monday morning optimism: plotting my escape route to Friday eve like a pro!

Old man - monday memes for work

34. When your colleague starts Monday with a full-on Monday morning monologue, and you're just here like, 'Bro, the worst part of my Monday is hearing you complain about Mondays

A buy looking at something suspiciously - monday morning memes

35. When Tuesday's just keeping an eye on you, making sure Monday's left its mark!

A man enjoying a fight - monday motivation meme

36. Monday mood: Sippin' on coffee the size of my optimism, pretending it's the weekend all over again

A man holding a big cup of coffee - motivation monday meme

37. He couldn't overcome the sadness of Reddit users on Monday.

What happend to him meme - funny monday memes for work

38. I'm an Introvert on Monday but don't mind being an Extrovert on Friday!

Squid game old man - positive monday memes

39. Breaking news: Monday is back, and it's got a whole week behind it. Brace yourselves for the Monday-est Monday ever!

Gru's talking to minions - monday memes

40. My creative power suddenly disappears on Monday, not sure why!

Unfinished horse drawing - funny monday memes

41. Monday vibes: Suited up and ready to conquer the week, or... you know, take a power nap first. Gotta keep those options open!

Cat wearing a suit - monday memes for work

42. When it's Sunday night and you're staring at your alarm clock like, 'You can't fire me if I quit first, right?

Sad Kermit waiting - monday morning memes

43. Waking up like, 'Please don't tell me it's Monday... or worse, Monday disguised as a Tuesday.

Side eye dog - monday motivation meme

44. When you're vibing on Sunday night, feeling all invincible, and then BAM! Monday sneaks up on you like a ghost.

No face chasing Chihiro - motivation monday meme

45. When it's Monday and adulting hits you like a ton of bricks - Mom, I didn't sign up for this, please pick me up

Patrick wants his mom to pick him up - funny monday memes for work

46. Monday mornings hit me like a freight train, but don't worry, my 'dead inside' sign is already up at the office!

I'm dead inside meme - positive monday memes

47. I can't even get my nose out of Monday Blues.

Doggy trying to escape - monday memes

48. Scared to face the new week like it's a surprise test I didn't study for. Can we just fast-forward to Friday already?

A falling man - funny monday memes

49. Enjoying the weekend like a boss, but Monday be creepin' in like 'Hey, remember me?

Bart hits homer with a chair - monday memes for work

50. When you're chillin' on Sunday, sippin' your coffee, and suddenly Monday creeps up like 'Surprise, I'm back to ruin your vibe!

Standing behind smiling guy - monday morning memes

As I wrap up this meme-filled journey of Monday Memes, remember that a good laugh can turn the most dreaded day into a memorable one. My "Best 50 Funny Monday Memes" aim to be your weekly mood boost. Found a meme that perfectly captures your Monday mood? Share it in the comments and share this link with your comrades in the battle against the Monday blues. Keep the laughter contagious! Your weekly dose of memes awaits at Digital Marketing Memes. Let's turn Mondays into fun days, one meme at a time!


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