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25 Funny Generational Memes - From Millennials to Baby Boomers

GenZ vs millenial - generational memes

Have you ever laughed at a joke your grandparents didn’t get? Welcome to the world of generational memes! In this blog, we dive into 25 hilarious generational memes highlighting the quirks and characteristics of different age groups, from Baby Boomers to Millennials, and Gen Z.

As one quote goes,

Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.

Whether you’re chuckling at a millennial meme or shaking your head at Gen Z memes, there's something for everyone here. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh at the humorous side of generational differences!

  1. Why? What sort of heartbreak did those time artists have?

Music taste difference between boomers & younger generations - generational memes

2. Millennials at the office: 'Comfy is key.' Gen Z at the grocery store: 'Is it too formal for avocados?

illennials and Gen Z grocery shopping versus going to the office - generation memes

3. When you play your favorite song, the kids ask if it's from a history documentary.

Shocked cat on his outdated music taste - millenial meme

4. When Dad's cargo shorts collide with his son's skinny jeans.

Gen z vs Millennials fighting over fashion - genz memes

5. When your parents discover Snapchat, they're like, 'I can put a dog filter on?! UNBELIEVABLE!

Happy parents on discovering Snapchat exist - generational memes

6. When you say 'groovy' the room goes silent.

Wolf laughing on another as he used old slang - generation memes

7. When your parents call you in a panic because the 'PDF' won't fit in the printer.

Older generation finding it difficult to open a PDF file - millenial meme

8. When you try to explain to Gen Z why 90s music is the best and end up sounding like a Spotify history lesson.

Man explaining his children about music in his time - genz memes

9. When Grandma discovers WhatsApp, your mornings are filled with more 'good morning' texts.

Shocked grandchildren as grandma learns to send message on WhatsApp - generational memes

10. Millennials vs. Boomers: When your multitasking game is strong vs. trying to figure out if your flip phone can take selfies.

Technological difference between Millenials vs boomers - generation memes

11. Gen Z wants to be the best at every place in their life.

Difference in fashion choice between Genz vs Millenials - millenial meme

12. Grandpa, that's not a filter, that's your thumb covering the camera!

Grandpa asking for help with his Snapchat - millenial meme
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13. When you realize keeping up with social media is a full-time job, you're not getting paid and wonder why Gen Z is involved in it all the time.

Man trying to be updated on all the lastest social Media platforms & trends - generational memes

14. When they ask if it was 'love at first sight' or 'love at first swipe'.

Parents teasing their children over using apps for dating - genz memes

15. We wore bell bottoms and mullet hairs, and we survived. You’ll be fine.

Millenials & Gen Z fighting on their fashion choices - generational memes

16. When you tell your grandparents someone 'slid into your DMs' and they ask if you need a locksmith.

Me trying to explain my grandparents Gen Z slangs - genz memes

17. When you just mastered Facebook, now you have to learn TikTok dances, make Instagram Reels, and figure out what a BeReal is...

Millenials struggling to keep up with all the latest social media platforms - millenial meme

18. When 'lit' meets 'sus' and the generational showdown begins the ultimate battle of who understands slang better!

Lingustic fight between Gen Z vs Millenials over slangs - generational memes

19. I feel like a boomer who just discovered Facebook for the first time.

Me feeling very old & outdated discovering how Social media has evolved - millenial meme

20. Explaining dating apps to my grandparents: 'It's like speed dating but with swipes and way more ghosting.' And they reply, 'So... you date ghosts now?

Me explaining the conecpt of tinder & bumble to my shocked grandparents - generational memes

21. My advice is, Step 1: Turn it off and on. Step 2: Nope, Step 1 again.

Sad me who will have to help their grandparents with their iphone - genz memes

22. When your folks can hack the VCR like tech-savvy ninjas, but can't figure out how to change the time on the microwave... It's a case of vintage skills meeting modern mishaps.

Boomers trying to undertand the timing concept on Microwave - generational memes

23. Is this English or a secret code from another dimension?

Me trying to decode what language my GenZ children are speaking - millenial meme

24. Me, attempting to decrypt my kid's TikToks like I'm cracking a top-secret government file.

Millenial mom trying to decode her children tiktoks - generational memes

25. When boomers and Gen Z realize millennials must simultaneously navigate dating apps, ghosting, and existential crises.

Bommers & Genz laughing on Millenials on the dating stuggles - millenial meme

I hope you enjoyed our collection of 25 funny generational memes, showcasing the unique humor of each age group, from Millennials to Baby Boomers and Gen Z. Generational memes bring us together through laughter, highlighting our differences in the best way.

Which millennial meme or Gen Z meme was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! Don't forget to share these memes with your friends, colleagues, and loved ones. For more hilarious content, be sure to visit our Digital Marketing Memes . Keep laughing and sharing the joy!


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